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The Prince Myshkins'
Shiny Round Object

Includes: The Ten Commandments Mambo; The Approval Song; You and Me and Tom; Let Me Into the Military; Smart Bombs, Foolish Choices; A Toddler’s Tale (Tinky Winky); Golden Slippers; Nothing on the Moon; Within the Budget


Total Myshkin Awareness

Includes: Nail Clippers; Freudian Slip; The Dr. Laura Polka; Freedom Poodle Rides Again; Traffic Jam; Don’t You Love This Planet; Ministry of Oil; Live Nude Statues; The List; I Don't Remember; Mimi LaValley and 100 Nuns; A War Without an End; Ahmed.

Also: “Mimi LaValley and 100 Nuns” appears on the compilation CD, which you can order by clicking here.