Songs from Total Myshkin Awareness

Nail Clippers
Freudian Slip
Traffic Jam
Freedom Poodle Rides Again
The Dr. Laura Polka
Live Nude Statues
Don't You Love This Planet
Ministry of Oil
Mimi LaValley and 100 Nuns
I Don't Remember
The List
A War Without an End

Songs from Shiny Round Object

The Ten Commandments Mambo
Let Me Into the Military
You and Me and Tom
Smart Bombs
The Approval Song
Golden Slippers
A Toddler's Tale
Nothing on the Moon
Within the Budget

(As Yet) Unreleased Songs:

Banana Cream Pie
Creepy Little Flags
General, Your Tank is a Powerful Vehicle
Girlie Men

Having a Beer With the President

Please Mrs. Fitzwillard