Anyone who aspires to write political satire
should hear this brilliant duo.
Sing Out! magazine


The songs are meticulous masterpieces, lyrically and musically.
The Prince Myshkins are true American queer music revolutionaires....
each song an American epic unto itself.
Scott Free, Outvoice reviews


Brilliant musicians and astonishing political songwriters...
their wordplay is unrelentingly sidesplitting.
Peter Berryman, Whither Zither


Klezmer meets Godot and Brothers Grimm....
the Myshkins are first-rate musicians whose sardonic songs induce
life-threatening fits of laughter.
The Lounge, KPBS San Diego


Musically gripping, lyrically acerbic....
The Prince Myshkins have been compared to Mark Russell as
political satirists in song and Romanovsky and Phillips as a Gay folk duo
singing original material, but in this interviewer's opinion they're far ahead
of that level and within hailing distance of their self-proclaimed
(or self-confessed) influences:  the Marx Brothers, Tom Lehrer,
Monty Python.  Catch them as soon as you have the opportunity.
Zenger's magazine


Dazzlingly fast, complex, socio-political songs with musical changes
that would leave Kurt Weill smiling and shaking his head with jealousy....
The Myshkins leave one’s mouth gaping with their rapid-fire hilarity...
they also have penned what I consider to be the greatest anti-war song
in the history of music: “Ministry of Oil.”

Brad Schreiber, A Critical Moment


A remarkably talented pair of singer-songwriters...
very funny, lively, smart, and political.  Their CD "Shiny Round Object"
is my favorite recording of the last millennium.
Charlie King


The wittiest group in the area.... Insanely clever lyrics.
University of California Guardian


A rare combination of biting satire and great musicianship.
Hysterical send-ups of current political and social issues to
remarkably catchy and well-written tunes.
Twiggs Green Room