Selected Compositions

The Panels
      full-length play for thirteen actors (2013) 120'

      for speaking violinist and speaking pianist
      (2013) 15'

      for speaking flutist, violinist, cellist,
      and percussionist (2013) 9'

      for large choir, ten-twenty singing tour guides,
      flute, 2 trumpets, trombone, 2 percussionists,
      and string quartet (2012) 30'
      (a collaboration with Joseph Haydn)

You, My Mother:  Intercom
      chamber opera for four singers, two pianists,
      violin, cello, and two percussionists (2011-12) 50'
      text by playwright Kristen Kosmas

      for voice, violin, bass flute, tenor saxophone,
      piano, and percussion (2010) 7'

The Rainbow Workers
       for bass clarinet, three recorders,
       five percussionists, and children's band
       (eight accordions, four melodicas, two harmoniums,
       and eight percussion) (2010) 15'

Three Pianos

       for three actors and three pianos (2010) 115'
       (a collaboration with Alec Duffy, Dave Malloy,
       and Franz Schubert)

Storm Still

      for three actor / musicians and tape
(2009) 115'
      (a collaboration with Andy Gricevich, Ryan
      Higgins, and William Shakespeare)

      for piano, cello, trumpet, trombone, guitar,
      two percussion, and recorded voices (2008) 9'

King Entemena Fragment
      for violin and cello (2008) 1'

Song Without Words
      trio for prepared guitar, ukelele, accordion,
      and harmonica (2007) 10'

Conversation Storm

      for three actors (2006) 40'

The Climb up Mount Chimborazo
      for three actors and tape (2005) 80'

      for bass flute, cello, two percussion,
      and three actors (2004) 24’

Great Hymn of Thanksgiving
      for three speaking percussionists (2003) 23’

      for two speaking percussionists (2002) 16'

The Rattler’s Narrative

      for actor, speaking percussionist, forty voice choir
      and ten instruments (alto flute, vln, vla, cello,
      double bass, trumpet, contrabsn, gtr,
      two percussion) (2001) 25’

Not Everything
(will be included in the reorganization)

      for accordion, gtr, pno, perc (2000) 13’

      for alto saxophone and tape (2000) 15’


      for violin, clarinet, piano, percussion (1999) 3’

The Second Order

      for two violins (1999) 10’

Ave Maria
      for two actors, strobe light, and tape (1998) 50’

      for two violins, two cellos, four percussion,
      piano, and guitar (1998) 15’

up ark
      for solo violin (1998) 10’

refusal songs

      for solo speaking voice (1997) 18’

from cradle

      for soprano, clarinet, cello, and
      percussion (1997) 13’

El Avion Grande
      for alto saxophone solo (1996) 13’

Take Cover Story

      for alto saxophone and violin (1993) 6’

Handshake: Brutus Etude

      for solo piano (1991) 8’